We visited the ranch on Monday July 4th. I was not very comfortable on my horse. But wanted to take the ride anyway. So the little gal that was getting my horse ready offerd to walk with me during the ride. I was all for her going with me. But didn’t want her to get in trouble . She said no I will go with u so u won’t b scares. So she did. That little gal waked the whole trip rite beside me and snow. It’s he was a great help to me. She made me feel safe. The ride was great and snow was very good to me. I love this ranch and will be back again. And I want to say a huge thank you to the little gal that walked with me. I belive her name is Maya Mayne? But hats off to you cowgirl!!!! The ranch is blessed to have u!! I recommend this ranch is awesome great folks!!!! Thanks little gal for helping me. And thanks jayell ranch for allowing her to make me feel safe. Loved it very much!!!!