Horseback Rides

Visit the Highest-Rated Stables in the Smoky Mountains

Experience the most scenic horseback ride in the Smokies! On this hour-long horseback ride we will wind through our beautiful mountain trails and see views as far as North Carolina, Shields Mountain Fort and Mt LeConte as we tour through some of the most scenic trails that East Tennessee has to offer.

On this adventure you’ll be outfitted with one of our well-trained horses and one of our expert wranglers to show you the ropes.
No riding experience? No problem. We go over a little riding lesson with every guest before your tour begins.

We welcome all ages on this adventure. We ride ages 5 and up on their very own horse while children under 5 years old need to ride double with an adult. Make memories your family will never forget! We can take guests up to 300 lbs on this adventure as we also have some very large draft horses at our facility.

We will hand select each guest a horse from our herd of over 120 head. Each of our horses is selected based on their excellent temperament and disposition.

We have specially designed loading and unloading ramps for our guests’ comfort and convenience when getting on and off the horses.

*Helmets are available upon request but not required


$39.99 — Horseback Riding Single Activity
$19.99 — Horseback Double (Kids 5 & Under)

Make it a combo and save money!

$65.99 — Horseback + 3 Ziplines
$84.99 — Horseback + 6 Ziplines
$99.99 — Horseback + ATV
$125.95 — Horseback + 3 Ziplines + ATV
$144.98 — Horseback + 6 Ziplines + ATV

❤️ Care & safety facts about our herd. Did you know?

The safety and enjoyment of our guests as well as the care and well-being of our animals are our 1st priority!

An adult horse needs to consume approximately 2% of their body weight each day (roughly 25-60 pounds per day per horse for the horses in our herd).

Our horses’ high-quality grain is specially formulated just for the needs of our herd at a farm and facility in Kentucky and brought in regularly as well as their high quality hay from the Midwest. We feed two types of hay here at our facility: one is a high protein western alfalfa and the other is from a local hay farm that grows just for our animals.

Our animals have a team of veterinarians, equine chiropractors, farriers and staff that tend to their needs daily.

A horses’ regular care requires but isn’t limited to:

  • Regular hood trimming (pedi’s) and new shoes
  • Teeth floating
  • Check ups
  • Chiropractic care
  • Grain, hay and supplements
  • Cleaning and maintaining their riding gear

Interested in riding a specific horse? While we try to accommodate guests’ requests for specific horses, the horses have days off too. We have other several hundred acre pastures in the area where our horses are rotated out regularly.