Frequently Asked Questions

Age Requirements

  • All ages can participate! Horseback riding ages 5 and up ride their own horse, and under 5 may ride with an adult. Age 2 and up can participate in ziplines. ATV ages 12 and up can drive their own and under 12 can ride with an adult. If you have children under 6, we do ask that you do the UTV with carseats and booster seats. To drive the UTV you must be 18 years of age but any age can ride! 5 years and up can ride the mountain slide. Guests under 16 years old will need to be accompanied by a paying adult on all activities. Kids must be at least 16 to ride without an adult, or have somebody with him/her who’s at least 16.


  • Helmets are mandatory and provided.
  • Goggles are optional and are provided based on availability.
  • Mud is seasonal – wetter months have significantly more mud on the trails than mid summer when it’s hot and dries up a lot of it.
  • Some guests prefer to stay clean – you are operating your own vehicle and can stay clean by going around muddier sections of the trail or passing thru it very slowly. You can also cover yourself in it like a pig in slop if that floats your boat. You decide!!
  • Disposable shoe covers are available for purchase at the ticket windows.
  • We do have large restrooms you can clean up and change in.


  • Please call ahead so we can accommodate your needs.

Horse Care & Safety

  • The safety and enjoyment of our guests as well as the care and well-being of our animals are our 1st priority!
  • An adult horse needs to consume approximately 2% of their body weight each day (roughly 25-60 pounds per day per horse for the horses in our herd).
  • Our horses’ high-quality grain is specially formulated just for the needs of our herd at a farm and facility in Kentucky and brought in regularly as well as their high quality hay from the Midwest. We feed two types of hay here at our facility: one is a high protein western alfalfa and the other is from a local hay farm that grows just for our animals.
  • Our animals have a team of veterinarians, equine chiropractors, farriers and staff that tend to their needs daily.
  • A horses’ regular care requires but isn’t limited to: regular hood trimming (pedi’s) and new shoes, teeth floating, check-ups
    chiropractic care, grain, hay and supplements, cleaning and maintaining their riding gear.
  • Interested in riding a specific horse? While we try to accommodate guests’ requests for specific horses, the horses have days off too. We have other several hundred acre pastures in the area where our horses are rotated out regularly.
  • Regular hood trimming (pedi’s) and new shoes.

Refund Policy

  • Full refund offered until 48 hours of the tour. All sales final after 48 hours of your scheduled tour beginning.


  • We accept walk-ins based on availability or book your tours now here.
  • You can also call us at 865-776-1593 to book over the phone
  • We are open from 9 am and stop checking in guests at 5 pm. We are also open year round!
  • During the winter months, we do close for extreme weather.

Ride Times

  • Our tours leave out every 15-20 minutes on all three attractions.

Unlimited Mountain Slide

  • For just $19.99, you can tube all day long or even leave and come back later in the day to continue the fun!
  • Tubing is available from 10am – 6pm.

Weight / Height Limits

  • To ensure the safety of our animals and your safety please read this guidelines carefully BEFORE you purchase your tickets. Full refund until 48 hours of the tour.
    Our horseback riding Weight limit is 280 pounds but based on the safety of the animals and our guests we reserve the right to restrict horseback riders to a certain weight / height ratio to ensure the horse can accommodate you and your legs are long enough to maintain balance. If you are concerned about your weight please call us ahead of time to ensure we can accommodate you.
    We do allow all ages to ride. Children ages 4 and under can ride double with a small adult. We define small adult as a waist size of ladies size 8 or smaller – men’s size 36 or smaller.Combined weight can not exceed the weight limit. Child’s height must not exceed 42” to ride double.Children ages 5 and up ride their own horse.


    Guests over 225 pounds or riding a double with a combined weight of over 225 pounds will need to book the 225+ horseback riding ticket.

    Our guidelines are Riders between:
    270-280 lbs need to be at least 5’ 9” tall
    260-270 lbs need to be at least 5’ 8” tall
    250-260 lbs need to be at least 5’ 7” tall
    240-250 lbs need to be at least 5’ 6” tall
    230-240 lbs need to be at least 5’ 5” tall
    215-230 lbs need to be at least 5’ 4” tall
    200-215 lbs need to be at least 5’3” tall
    We reserve the right to make exceptions to these guidelines to ensure the safety of our animals

  • ATVs
    Weight limit for ATVs is 500lbs.
    Children must be 6 years old and at least 41” tall to ride double on the ATV with an adult.
    Children must be 12 years old and a minimum of 54” to drive their own ATV.
    Children ages 5 and under must ride in a UTV with their car seat. Please have your car seats in hand when you check in for your tour.
    Weight limit is 275 pounds. Children must be 2 years old and a minimum of 31” inches tall and 25 pounds to participate.We do weigh and measure all guests before riding at each activity.

Zipline FAQ

  • You’ll be assisted on this thrilling adventure by 2 expert adventure guides.
  • Each guest will be outfitted with a 5-point harness and pulley / trolley system.
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • No hand braking or glove braking is necessary on these tours. Our lines are built with a built-in braking system that our guides will use to bring you to a stop.
  • Ages 2 and up are welcome on the zipline tours and will be outfitted with all of the same gear as everyone else.
  • Weight limit for the zipline tours is 275 pounds