Waivers & Reservations

Before arriving to Jayell Ranch Family Adventure Park, any one who will be on Jayell Ranch property is required to sign a waiver. All young people under 18 years old are required to have their parent or legal guardian complete this waiver on their behalf. Anyone 18 years or older must fill out their own waiver. This waiver will be available for all guests to sign at our sales office, however, it is also available online to help you prepare for your visit before you even pull into the parking lot. Filling out the waiver online will save you time and get your adventure starting sooner. The waiver will be stored in our system and good for 1 calendar year. To fill out the waiver click on the “Sign Our Waiver” button at the bottom right of the page.

*Children 15 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult on all activities at all times.*

‍Off Road ATV or UTV Tours

Please make sure to fill out your Off Road Damage Disclosure Agreement prior to arriving to the Ranch. Cell phone service can be spotty depending on your carrier and can lengthen the check in process if it is not completed. We have emailed a copy of this form in your Order Receipt and you can also fill it out form this link.Important Damage Disclosure

Street Legal UTV Rentals

These exciting rentals can have multiple drivers but each driver must be at lease 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Each driver must have their physical ID with them at the time of picking up your rental. The Street Legal UTV’s also require a Street Legal Damage Disclosure prior to arriving to the Ranch. Cell phone service can be spotty depending on your carrier and can lengthen the check in process if it is not completed. We have emailed a copy of this form in your Order Receipt and you can also fill it out form this link Street Legal UTV Rental If you have little ones coming along, make sure that you have the appropriate car seats for your child’s age/weight.

Weather and Clothing

Weather can be a very important factor to consider when planning your day to Jayell Ranch Family Adventure Park. We are an outdoor amusement park and we will continue to operate in most weather conditions including rain; therefore, a rain jacket is something to consider packing in case the clouds roll in during your time on the ranch. Plastic ponchos however are not permitted on horseback due to it can scare the horses.

Clothing is an important factor to consider. During the warmer months it may be tempting to wear minimal clothing; keep in mind you will be wearing a full body harness, be riding a horse, and or riding ATVs. If you are joining us during colder months, we recommend wearing warm layers, thick socks, gloves, etc. Coming with hand or foot warmers in your pockets isn’t a bad idea either.

Wearing the right shoes is also important for your experience. Closed toed shoes are preferred but not required. If you do lose a shoe or any other objects on the trail we will try to retrieve those for you at the end of the day.
Also note that if you take any objects on tour that could be dropped, we will try to retrieve those objects but at the end of day. Cameras, phones, gum, money, chapstick, etc. should be carried in a backpack of some sort. We do have drawstrings backpacks on property for purchase if needed. We cannot hold your personal items in our sales office.

We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, guns, knives, weapons, and or any kind of illegal substance. Sevier County Sheriffs Office will enforce this policy.

Energy & Excitement

We recommend drinking plenty of water before, during, and after your visit to Jayell Ranch Family Adventure Park. This is especially true during our warmer months. Proper nutrition is key so you can enjoy your experience with a full tank of energy! We sell energy snacks as well as some good ole smoked BBQ as well as different types of drinks to ensure you have what you need to keep up the energy during your time on the ranch.

By making the decision to come to Jayell Ranch Family Adventure Park you are in the right place for a good ole fashioned Tennessee experience, high flying zip lines, rough & rugged atvs and life long memories. Give yourself a high five, or get one from a friend, because you will remember this trip into the Smokies for a life time.

Activity Training

Once you have gone through the preparation above you are ready to get started. The only steps left are to make your reservation and get geared up for tour orientation, with our Jayell Ranch Family Adventure Park Staff.

We will teach you everything you need to know about each activity and how complete each tour safely. After this orientation it will be time to get started!

During training you will be introduced to the horse, vehicle, and or gear used during your activity. Each piece of gear is important. Our trained staff will instruct each of you on many aspects of the experience.

Do Not Be Late

Your reservation time is the time you need to be at the actual activity. We understand that the Smoky Mountain are the most visited National Park for so many amazing reasons but keep in mind that can also mean added traffic. We kindly ask that every guest plan to be at Jayell Ranch Family Adventure Park no less than 45 minutes before your reservation time. Any reservations missed due to being late will cause you to miss your tour altogether. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Guests need to arrive 45 mins prior to their first scheduled activity to get checked in, verify waivers and paperwork and print tickets. Please be mindful of traffic in our highly traveled area as well as parking. Please account time for these things to ensure you are here on time. Having all waivers and rental agreements complete before your arrival is crucial to ensuring you do not miss your scheduled tour time.