Zipline Tours

Fly High on Some of the Longest Ziplines in East Tennessee!

Join us on our full 6 line zipline course that includes 2 of the longest ziplines in East Tennessee! Leave your worries behind as you glide through the sky on this high-flying adventure! We have two lines in our course that are over 0.5 mile long each as well as the only zipline that passes through a tunnel! (Rumored to be one of the old moonshine tunnels)

Experience a rush as you soar on over 2 miles of Cable Mountain to mountain over the trees with breathtaking views of our surrounding mountain ranges including beautiful views of Mount LeConte and North Carolina!

Choose from our full 6 line course which on average will take approx 2 hours to complete and includes our two half mile lines and a 250 ft zipline tunnel! Lines in this course range from 400 ft to 3500 ft long and are up to approximately 350ft high.

Or, choose our half course option which includes 3 lines and also includes a 250ft zipline tunnel. Ziplines in this course range from 400 ft to 1300 ft long and are up to approximately 150 feet high. This course will take approximately 1 hour and 20 mins to complete.

Height & Weight Requirements: Children must be 2 years old and a minimum of 31” inches tall and 25 pounds to participate.
We do weigh and measure all guests before riding at each activity.

We have two exciting zipline courses to choose from:

Full 6 Zip Line Course

  • 6 Ziplines
  • 2 Hours to Completion
  • 2 Half-mile Lines
  • Includes the 250 foot Tunnel
  • Lines from 400 feet – 3,500 feet
  • Up to 350 feet high!

Half 3 Zip Line Course

  • 3 Ziplines
  • 1 Hour 20 Minutes to Completion
  • Includes the 250 foot Tunnel
  • Lines from 400 feet – 1,300 feet
  • Up to 150 feet high


$44.99 — 3 Zipline Single Activity
$69.99 — 6 Zipline Single Activity

Make it a combo and save money!

$89.99 — 3 Ziplines + Horseback
$114.99 — 6 Ziplines + Horseback
$114.99 — 3 Ziplines + ATV
$139.99 — 6 Ziplines + ATV
$159.99 — 3 Ziplines + Horseback + ATV
$189.99 — 6 Ziplines + Horseback + ATV

Don’t see availability for your group? Give us a call and we can normally open additional slots to accommodate!

⚠️ Come prepared! You may want to know…

  • You’ll be assisted on this thrilling adventure by 2 expert adventure guides.
  • Each guest will be outfitted with a 5-point harness and pulley / trolley system.
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • No hand braking or glove braking is necessary on these tours. Our lines are built with a built-in braking system that our guides will use to bring you to a stop.
  • Ages 2 and up are welcome on the zipline tours and will be outfitted with all of the same gear as everyone else.
  • Weight limit for the zipline tours is 275 pounds