Monkey & Bird Encounter / Train Ride

Meet & Interact with 200 of Our Feathered Friends and Our Capuchin Monkey “Abu”

On this 30 min family adventure you’ll get up close and get to meet and interact with 200 of our feathered friends and our capuchin monkey “Abu.” Learn about Capuchin monkeys here.

You’ll start this adventure at our train depot station where you’ll board the train and take a 3-5 min train ride over to our temperature controlled indoor / outdoor aviary facility.

Once we arrive you’ll disembark the train and enter into our sallee port where you will be briefed on our animals and what to expect. We will then enter the aviary where all of our animal friends are free roaming inside.

We will spend approximately 20-25 minutes inside of the aviary with the animals and then re-board the train for a 2 minute ride and head back to the train depot station.


$19.99 — Monkey & Bird Encounter / Train Ride

Don’t see availability for your group? Give us a call and we can normally open additional slots to accommodate!

⚠️ Come prepared! You may want to know…

  • We have seed sticks for feeding (based on availability)
  • The birds and monkey are very friendly and do approach guests and often land on you; the monkey typically bounces from person to person and is very social.
  • While this is what they typically do and most guests are able to hold the animals we cannot guarantee it as we do not allow chasing or grabbing at the animals. We allow them to come to you.
  • Guests who are afraid of birds or monkeys can remain in the sallee port behind the screen where they can still view the animals.